Our Flower Girl

Created by Nikki one year ago
I met Rosie through my Mum and Dad at the institution that is Leighton Buzzard Rugby Club a few years ago (just over 40!!) where I became firm friends with Andy, and then eventually later on with his big sister Sue.  Rosie has always been like family to me and she will be missed by many including my family and me.

It was hard to pick a memory to share but I thought the best option would be to choose a special day and so to my wedding day 28 August 1993.

Mick and I got married on a beautiful sunny day with all our family and friends around us.  We had chosen very carefully the Best Man, Ushers, Bridesmaids, the Page Boy and then Rosie said "what no Flower Girl, but I have never been a flower girl and think I would be perfect for the role" - that sealed the deal and she was perfect.

Love you always Rosie 

Nikki xxx