House Egg

Created by Gemma one year ago

I have so many happy memories of Rose, she would always grab me for a chat when I visited and I would have to fill her in on my life. My most fond memory is the first time I met her. Amy and I went round her house after school. Rose offered me a drink which I had and then asked if I wanted something to eat, Amy said nan are you sure your snacks are in date? Amy looked through the cupboard and sure enough some were out of date. I must point out I had already said I was fine thank you, but Rosemary said ‘have some cake’ out of date, ‘have some crisps’ out of date, not everything was out of date by the way but I kept insisting I was fine. Finally after going through nearly the whole cupboard, Rose went, I know, would you like a house egg? The look Amy gave me was the best and I said no thank you I dont like egg. That first meeting definitely made me see what Rose was like, kind, funny, friendly and above all else she cared about others. I have to admit I dont know what a house egg is, but I will find out! My second memory is Rose dressed as a clown chasing me down the road, make of that what you will.